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Portland home designed for Living Building & Passive House

A Portland, OR, home with a Clivus compost toilet system is currently being built to meet both Living Building Challenge and Passive House standards. The home was featured recently in the DJC Oregon’s article, “Super-green ‘Full Plane Passive House’ Being Built in Portland.”

The Presidio chooses Clivus

The Presidio is a former military post that was transferred to the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco, California. The Presidio Trust manages 80% of the interior land of the park and the National Park Service manages the coastal areas. The Presidio Trust has rehabilitated the park’s historic buildings, restored open spaces, provided public programs, maintained utilities and infrastructure, and continues to fund the long-term needs of the park.

A two-stall Clivus Trailhead was purchased by the Trust in 2011 to provide restroom facilities for a trail near the El Polin spring, which is part of the Tennessee Hollow watershed. The trail, located within the park, provides recreation opportunities to both residents and visitors. The Clivus system was selected because it was cost-effective compared to extending the sewer and is in line with the Trust’s sustainability goals. The Clivus system will also prevent any pollution of the watershed.

Cortlandt Station adds Clivus composter

Cortlandt Station, a commuter train station on the Metro-North railroad from New York City, was recently renovated in 2009 with the addition of an extended overpass, new elevated waiting area, additional parking and access road, as well as a Clivus compost toilet system.

The sewer was prohibitively expensive so the Clivus system was installed as a cost-effective solution. The restroom will be open to commuters in February 2012.

Lookaway Golf Club adds Custom Trailhead

Clivus Multrum Trailhead at LookawayLookaway Golf Club in Buckingham, PA recently made an addition to its course. A custom Clivus Multrum M54 Trailhead will offer golfers comfort on far flung areas of the course.

The composting toilet system and restroom building were delivered pre-fabricated and custom finished with cedar shingle and stacked stone exterior and a cedar shingle roof.  The foam-flush toilet fixture offers the comfort of home and a built in solar-powered fan eliminates all odors.

Glenwood Country Club adds Custom M54 Trailhead

Glenwood Country Club in Old Bridge, New Jersey recently installed a custom M54 Trailhead on its newly renovated course.

In order to harmonize with the aesthetics of the course, stone and clapboard exterior and a metal roof were added to a pre-fabricated structure.

The new composting restroom will offer comfort to golfers at the farthest reaches of the course with a waterless urinal and 6 oz. Foam-flush toilet.

Research Station Saving Water & Money with Composting Toilets

polar bears on construction site at Churchill Northern ResearchChurchill Northern Studies Center, a facility designed to feed and lodge researchers while they conduct northern scientific research, is located 23 km east of Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay. In accordance with their vision “to understand and sustain the North” the new building which should open next month was designed to LEED Gold standards.

Clivus Multrum composting toilets contribute to LEED points and allow the facility to significantly reduce water for flushing and allow waste management to be contained neatly within the footprint of the building. In the dormitory area, four waterless toilets and 2 mid-sized composters provide restroom facilities for up to 90,000 uses per year. Twelve flush toilets are also installed in other areas of the building.

Composting toilets should prove a big savings for the research station. Last year they spent $25,000 in trucking fees to have sewage moved to a treatment facility.

Polar Bear visits were not uncommon on the construction site so a watch dog named Silver was always nearby to give a warning when one stops by. Whenever the big white visitors were present workers found secure lodging until the bear moved on.

A small village of M54 Trailheads ships to Lee’s Ferry

In December 2010 Clivus Multrum pre-fabricated 6 M54 Trailhead buildings for an order from Lee’s Ferry a National Park which is adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park.  Those systems shipped earlier this year. Here are a few pictures of the build process and of loading them onto the truck.

The Trailheads have since arrived in Lee’s Ferry and are likely to be installed within the month! In order to get the systems to their locations park staff will deliver them on rafts that travel down the Colorado River.

Clivus Multrum Greywater Systems Featured in GreenSource

The Products section of Greensource Magazine featured Clivus Multrum Greywater Systems in the September + October 2010 Issue.

Clivus Multrum Greywater systems can contribute to LEED WE Credits 1 & 2.

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Source: Greensource Magazine

Musconetcong River Resource Center Achieves LEED Platinum

achieved LEED Platinum with Composting toiletsMusconetcong Watershed Association’s River Resource Center has earned LEED Platinum certification! Clivus Multrum is proud to have played a role in helping the MWA conserve water and reduce infrastructure needs with composting toilets! One medium sized composter and a Foam-flush toilet can accomodate 80 uses a day.

Here’s their press release:


Rockefeller State Park Rehab

Clivus Multrum composting toilets at Rockefeller State ParkRockefeller State Park recently re-built a restroom to accomodate visitors. The new restroom uses a Clivus Multrum composting toilet system that was installed in a restroom that previously stood on the site.