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Products & Services

  Residential composting tank

Commercial & Residential Systems

Designed to accommodate the range of commercial and residential needs, Clivus Multrum systems are made of Polyethylene and accommodate 18,000 to 65,000 uses per year per composter and a number of space arrangements. All systems come equipped with a fan that eliminates odors in the restroom, a liquid removal pump, an automatic moistening system and storage for the liquid end product. All Clivus Multrum composting systems are compatible with both our waterless toilet and our Foam-flush toilet.

Foam-flush toilet at LSR Preserve Grand Teton National Park  

Foam-flush Toilet

The Foam-flush toilet fixture (compatible with all Clivus Multrum compost systems) looks like and offers a similar user experience to a conventional flush toilet, while using only six ounces of water per use. A small computer regulates the mixture of water and a compost compatible soap, creating a foam blanket that carries the waste from the bowl down a standard four-inch plastic drain line to the composting unit. The foam allows the drain-line to bend up to 45 degrees. In addition to offering complete user comfort, designing with the Foam-flush is easier in multi-story projects and it uses space more efficiently.

Greywater system design diagram   Greywater garden at Bronx Zoo

Greywater System

Greywater is water from all non-toilet fixtures (e.g., sinks, showers, washing machines). With the Clivus system, all greywater fixtures are plumbed to a collection tank called a dosing basin from which greywater is sent, often without filtration, into an outdoor or indoor irrigation system buried within the plant root zone. Placement of the irrigation system within the aerobic root zone allows for plant uptake of water and the small amount of nutrients (in the form of soap) carried in greywater. The relatively warm temperature of greywater makes possible the use of the Clivus greywater system in cold climates. All Clivus greywater systems are custom designed and engineered by Clivus according to site conditions.

Maintenance Services   Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Like all waste treatment systems, maintenance is necessary for the success of the Clivus composting toilet system. Clivus offers maintenance services to all its customers, ranging from complete system maintenance to periodic inspection and reporting. In locations beyond our immediate service area, Clivus provides maintenance through local subcontractors.

In many instances, maintenance staff experience a sense of relief when composting toilets replace flush toilets. Eliminating flushing prevents clogged toilets and flooded bathrooms. However, in many instances dealing with human waste on site is an unexpected and low-priority task for maintenance crews. Let Clivus Multrum make the maintenance of your composting toilets a top priority. Call Clivus today to discuss maintenance options for your installation.