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Duke Farms to receive award from NJ chapter of US Green Building Council

Congratulations to Duke Farms, which will receive the 2012 Community Award from the NJ chapter of the US Green Building Council. According to the Messenger Gazette, the award recognizes Duke Farms’ success in converting “the 2,740-acre former Duke family estate in Hillsborough into an environmental education center and recreation destination that would be a model of environmental stewardship.” The green re-design focused on three elements: “the adaptive re-use and re-purposing of existing buildings, rather than building anew; the energy-efficient upgrading of 110-year-old utilities and the commitment to energy and water conservation; and the regeneration of landscapes to foster preservation of native species.”

Duke Farms purchased and installed three Clivus M54 Trailhead units within the last year in order to provide public restroom facilities. The mission of the farm is to teach visitors to “be good stewards of the environment” and the Clivus composting toilet systems were purchased because they fit with the organization’s mission and because the restrooms provide remote facilities.

21 Acres Opens Indoor, Year-Round Market

21 Acres, a non-profit organization in Woodinville, WA, whose mission is to cultivate, demonstrate and advance systems that support sustainable agriculture, recently opened its brand new LEED Platinum-certified facility with Clivus composting toilet systems for public restroom access.

21 Acres provides educational programs and events, an indoor farmer’s market and access to a commercial kitchen. The retail Market opened for business on May 3, 2012. 

Environmental Building News features CTs at WTC

Environmental Building News, the publication from BuildingGreen recently ran an article about the composting systems at the World Trade Center construction site in New York City.

Clivus Multrum composting systems are providing comfortable restroom facilities and food composting to save time and money by reducing crane usage for waste hauling.

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Source: Environmental Building News

Composting Toilets in Construction Canada

Harnessing Wasted Opportunities: Technology of Composting ToiletsThe March issue of Construction Canada ran a feature about composting toilets written by Clivus Multrum’s own Don Mills and Amy Galvin.

“Harnessing Wasted Opportunities: the technology behind composting toilets” covers the history of human sanitation, the troubles of the current prevailing technologies and the advantages and technology of composting systems. There are also a few quick case studies.

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Source: Construction Canada

Research Station Saving Water & Money with Composting Toilets

polar bears on construction site at Churchill Northern ResearchChurchill Northern Studies Center, a facility designed to feed and lodge researchers while they conduct northern scientific research, is located 23 km east of Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay. In accordance with their vision “to understand and sustain the North” the new building which should open next month was designed to LEED Gold standards.

Clivus Multrum composting toilets contribute to LEED points and allow the facility to significantly reduce water for flushing and allow waste management to be contained neatly within the footprint of the building. In the dormitory area, four waterless toilets and 2 mid-sized composters provide restroom facilities for up to 90,000 uses per year. Twelve flush toilets are also installed in other areas of the building.

Composting toilets should prove a big savings for the research station. Last year they spent $25,000 in trucking fees to have sewage moved to a treatment facility.

Polar Bear visits were not uncommon on the construction site so a watch dog named Silver was always nearby to give a warning when one stops by. Whenever the big white visitors were present workers found secure lodging until the bear moved on.

“The latrines get all the glory, the eye-popping oohs and aahs.”

The Washington Post has a feature on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Philip Merrill Environmental Center in whih the headline of this post appears.

The Clivus Multrum composting toilets at the Philip Merrill Center are waterless and allow the nutrients in human excreta to be used as a fertilizer instead of polluting the bay.

Here’s a link to the full article at the Washington Post.

Tyson Living Learning Center featured in CBP Magazine

The Tyson Living Learning Center at Washington University in St. Louis was featured recently in Construction Building Products Magazine.

Clivus Multrum composting toilets and greywater systems helped Tyson accomplish net-zero water management and achieve the Living Building Challenge’s first certification.

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Source: Construction Building Product Magazine

Composting in the Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune has given an unusual amount of space to composting toilets in the last few days. Considering that Greenbuild will draw thousands of green building professionals to Chicago in a few weeks we’re delighted to see the attention.

The Rise of Composting Toilets: Lauren Harrison gives a quick history and mentions that green building is helping spur an interest composting toilets in a wider range of locations than seen in the past.

Taking the Waste Out of Human Waste: Yesterday Ms Harrison reported on a project called Humble Pile that has been surreptitiously composting their waste and using in gardens around Chicago since 2008.

Tyson Living Learning Center Among First Living Buildings

Tyson certified Living BuildingIt’s official! The Tyson Living Learning Center at Washington University in St. Louis has been certified as a Living Building by the International Living Building Institute.

Clivus Multrum is proud to have contributed to this sustainable endeavor. The composting toilets in the building are completely waterless and allow the nutrients in human waste to be recycled. The Greywater system uses water from sinks and water fountains to irrigate landscaping.

Read more from the WUSTL press release or the ILBI Certified Projects page.

Learn more about the composting toilet systems in the Project Gallery.

Musconetcong River Resource Center Achieves LEED Platinum

achieved LEED Platinum with Composting toiletsMusconetcong Watershed Association’s River Resource Center has earned LEED Platinum certification! Clivus Multrum is proud to have played a role in helping the MWA conserve water and reduce infrastructure needs with composting toilets! One medium sized composter and a Foam-flush toilet can accomodate 80 uses a day.

Here’s their press release: