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The Presidio chooses Clivus

The Presidio is a former military post that was transferred to the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco, California. The Presidio Trust manages 80% of the interior land of the park and the National Park Service manages the coastal areas. The Presidio Trust has rehabilitated the park’s historic buildings, restored open spaces, provided public programs, maintained utilities and infrastructure, and continues to fund the long-term needs of the park.

A two-stall Clivus Trailhead was purchased by the Trust in 2011 to provide restroom facilities for a trail near the El Polin spring, which is part of the Tennessee Hollow watershed. The trail, located within the park, provides recreation opportunities to both residents and visitors. The Clivus system was selected because it was cost-effective compared to extending the sewer and is in line with the Trust’s sustainability goals. The Clivus system will also prevent any pollution of the watershed.