Duke Farms to receive award from NJ chapter of US Green Building Council

Congratulations to Duke Farms, which will receive the 2012 Community Award from the NJ chapter of the US Green Building Council. According to the Messenger Gazette, the award recognizes Duke Farms’ success in converting “the 2,740-acre former Duke family estate in Hillsborough into an environmental education center and recreation destination that would be a model of environmental stewardship.” The green re-design focused on three elements: “the adaptive re-use and re-purposing of existing buildings, rather than building anew; the energy-efficient upgrading of 110-year-old utilities and the commitment to energy and water conservation; and the regeneration of landscapes to foster preservation of native species.”

Duke Farms purchased and installed three Clivus M54 Trailhead units within the last year in order to provide public restroom facilities. The mission of the farm is to teach visitors to “be good stewards of the environment” and the Clivus composting toilet systems were purchased because they fit with the organization’s mission and because the restrooms provide remote facilities.