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Additional Parks and
Recreation Projects

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Alpino Vino Restaurant

Telluride, CO
  • Trommer's Cabin at the top of Gold Hill converted to a bar
  • At 12,000 feet this is the highest wine bar in the world
  • 3 Foam-flush toilets use just 6 ounces of water per use
  • One commercial sized composter accommodates 65,000 uses per year
  • Save more than 95,000 gallons of water each year

YMCA Camp Kanawana

St Sauveur des Monts, Quebec
  • Year round environmental education facility and summer camp
  • Eliminating old septic system keeps Lake Kanawana safe from pollution
  • Two central buildings contain all bathroom and shower facilities
  • 16 commercial composters accommodate 22,500 uses each per year
  • 32 dry toilets save 576,000 gallons of water each year

University of Georgia – Club Sports Facility

Watkinsville, Georgia
  • Restroom Facility serving club sports fields
  • Koons Environmental designed to achieve conservation and accommodate UGA’s sustainability policy
  • Two commercial composters systems serve 65,000 uses each per year
  • Four Foam-flush toilets only six oz of water per use
  • Eliminate need for sewer line or septic system
  • Save 200,000 gallons of water each year

YS Falls

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • Eco-tourism location featuring dramatic waterfalls in a protected setting
  • Owner commitment to sustainability led to choice of Clivus systems
  • Elimination of pollution of sensitive ecosystem
  • Two compost systems accommodate over 70,000 uses per year
  • Foam-flush toilets save over 100,000 gallons of water per year