Architect: SSP Architects, Somerville, NJ

Green Building, Green Building Projects, Midtown Community Elementary School, Clivus Multrum Inc.

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Midtown Community Elementary School

Neptune, New Jersey

One of the first public schools to achieve a LEED rating, the Midtown Community Elementary School is created through a collaboration of a number of government agencies called the Schools Development Authority (SDA) which is charged with using its $3.9 billion in funding to provide "safe, healthy, and sustainable schools." All newly-constructed public schools in New Jersey funded through the SDA shall be built to LEED standards.

A Living Textbook

Serving 700 students (pre-K through grade 5), the 149,000-square-foot Midtown Community Elementary School is built to teach. Features include glass doors on mechanical rooms so students can see and learn about the schools energy-saving systems; transparent, raised flooring allowing students to see the structure's cabling; and a 6,000-square-foot roof garden for outdoor experiments.

Unforgettable Lesson

Although only a single bathroom in the structure is a Clivus system, the opportunities it offers are great. By saving over 95% of the water consumed by a standard 1.6-gallon toilet, the Foam-flush toilet will demonstrate that water need not be wasted for flushing. The planned instruction in the compost system's conversion of toilet waste into soil amendment will, no doubt, make a lasting impression.