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NYDOT Goes Clivus
Clivus Introduces Four M54 Trailhead Styles
GSA July 25, 2018 | Vol. 11, Issue 1

Clivus Multrum on GSA

We've signed a contract with the General Services Administration to sell our M54 Trailhead series at a discounted rate to customers in the federal government. Visit us at to see how easy it is!

Clivus Multrum on GSA Advantage

Maintenance Services

Did you know that Clivus can arrange to provide your facility with composting system maintenance services? Clivus offers a variety of maintenance options to meet your needs. No matter where your facility is located, we'll come to you or work with local subcontractors to ensure that the job is done right. Call us at 800-425-4887 for more information.

Greetings from Clivus Multrum!

This seasonís Natural Solution News highlights the practicality and popularity of Clivus composting toilet systems at two rest areas in New York. Clivus also debuts four M54 Trailhead styles to fit every need.

NYDOT Goes Clivus

Whitney Point Rest Area

Chalk one up for Clivus highway rest stops! Whitney Point and Broome Gateway Rest Areas are both on I-81, the major N-S route in central New York State. Both sites had failing waste treatment systems from decades earlier. Engineers from NYDOT explored options, including Clivus. They were finally convinced by a visit to the Bronx Zoo Eco-Restroom, which is a seasonally high-use facility.The Clivus system represents a significant short and long-term financial savings over the conventional alternative they might have gone with: a "package" treatment plant.

Clivus Multrum Trailhead
M35 Composting toilet systems at Whitney Point

Whitney Point, about 25 miles north of Binghamton, NY, was originally constructed with a large lower level for State vehicles. This allowed for relatively easy Clivus retrofit. Twelve M35 units serve the steady flow of visitors and give the facility an annual capacity of more than 780,000 uses. With 18 Foam Flush toilet fixtures and two urinals, the facility uses 95% less water than even today's low-flow fixtures.

Clivus Multrum Trailhead
Broome Gateway Rest Area

At the Broome Gateway Rest Area, a full-blown renovation took place. The new facility, which is five minutes north of the Pennsylvania line, welcomes travelers to the thriving Southern Tier region. It includes a large Taste NY venue, which gives travelers a chance to experience a wide range of local products within an open seating area. Twenty M35 composters give an annual usage of more than 1.25 million. Here, 20 Foam Flush toilets and six urinals handle the traffic and represent additional water savings.

Clivus Introduces Four M54 Trailhead Styles

Clivus Multrum is pleased to introduce four standard styles for the M54 Trailhead: Stockbridge, Ipswich, Rockport, and Essex. Each M54 Trailhead style is available as a single or double-stall building and can be purchased as a kit or pre-fabricated building. The M54 Trailhead provides an ADA accessible bathroom structure that accommodates 22,000 uses per fixture per year utilizing either waterless or Foam-flush toilets, and is especially well-suited for remote locations without electric or sewer access. A custom solar system powers a ventilation system to keep the restroom odorless.


The Stockbridge remains our standard style and includes painted or stained 8" pine board and batten siding with an asphalt shingle roof. Shingle and paint/stain colors are selected by the customer. The Stockbridge can be further customized with a standing seam metal roof instead of shingles.

Clivus Multrum Trailhead
Stockbridge style at DeSoto County's Lettuce Lake Park, FL
Clivus Multrum Trailhead
Stockbridge style with metal roof at University of Notre Dame, IN

For a more polished look, the Ipswich style comes with painted or stained clapboard and a standing seam metal roof. The customer selects a color for the metal roof.

Clivus Multrum Trailhead
Ipswich style M54 Double Trailhead at Cornell University, NY

Featuring 18" cultured ledge stone wainscoting with painted or stained cedar clapboard and a standing seam metal roof, the Rockport style is upscale and refined. Metal roof and stone colors are selected by the customer to fit the aesthetics of the project.

Clivus Multrum Trailhead
Rockport style M54 Double Trailhead at Patuxent River Park, MD
Clivus Multrum Trailhead
Rockport style at Bayside Resort Golf Club, DE

The Essex style includes low maintenance Hardiplank cement fiber siding with a standing seam metal roof. The customer chooses among available Hardiplank colors or selects a custom paint color. The customer also selects the color for the metal roof.

Essex style in Wellington, FL

Of course, if none of these styles suit your project, Clivus can work with you to determine finishes for your specific design. Contact Clivus Multrum to to discuss your project today!

*Images by Clivus Multrum, Inc.