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Clivus at the Freedom Tower
Trailhead Series on GSA!
Tradeshows/Conferences May 4 , 2010 | Vol. 4, Issue 1

National Association of State Park Directors Conference, Santa Fe, NM

September 7-10, 2010

Come visit us and discuss how your park can benefit from composting toilets.

WaterSmart Innovations Conference & Expo Las Vegas, NV

October 6-8, 2010

Hear our Sales Director, Don Mills, speak in Las Vegas. His presentation, "Up S**t Creek: How We Got Hooked on Sewage and How We Can Break the Habit" will be Thursday at 2:00.


Clivus Multrum on GSA

We've signed a contract with the General Services Administration to sell our M54 Trailhead series at a discounted rate to customers in the federal government. Visit us at to see how easy it is!

Clivus Multrum on GSA Advantage

Also of Interest

Clivus Multrum's Customers are Making News!

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods hosted an event in honor of the opening of the Picardo P-Patch Community Garden’s new M54 Trailhead. A contest was held to name the Trailhead, Picaloo sounds like a winner.

Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire operate a marine research station on the Isles of Shoals, six miles off the Maine coast. The addition of composting toilets with Foam-flush toilets will allow them to save water (an especially precious resource on any island) and reduce the need for pump trucks to be ferried out to the island.

In the Travel Section

The New York Times spent 36 hours in Telluride, Colorado and they stopped by Alpino Vino wine bar at the top of Gold Hill. Undoubtedly while they were there they used the Clivus composting toilets that accommodate the highest wine bar on Earth.

The Washington Post travel section went to western Maine for an escape from the noise of the city. They found a cozy cabin in the woods with no cars in sight and Clivus Multrum composting toilets.

In Green Building News

The Tyson Living Learning Center at Washington University was featured on NPR’s Science Friday. The building is a candidate for Living Building Challenge. To manage all of their wastewater on site as the Challenge requires they use Clivus Multrum composting toilets. Watch the video to hear all about them.

The Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries’ Center for Environmental Innovation and Education was featured in the January issue of Eco-Structure Magazine. The old brick factory was converted to a LEED Platinum facility complete with green roof and Clivus Multrum composting toilets. Take a look at the slideshow, you’ll find the best photo we’ve ever seen of an installed composting toilet tank!

Flooding Overwhelms Sewage Plants in RI

Record flooding engulfed several sewage treatment plants in Rhode Island last month. Submerged treatment plants released sewage into flood waters. Sewage contributes fecal coli form and nitrogen to the waters which cause algae growth and have closed shellfish beds in Narragansett Bay. The city of Warwick asked residents to avoid adding laundry, shower and toilet water to the sewers.


Maintenance Services

Did you know that Clivus can arrange to provide your facility with composting system maintenance services? Clivus offers a variety of maintenance options to meet your needs. No matter where your facility is located, we’ll come to you or work with local subcontractors to ensure that the job is done right. Call us at 800-425-4887 for more information.

Greetings from Clivus Multrum!

Welcome to the new look of the Natural Solution News. In this issue of the Natural Solution News we discuss the composting toilets that are saving water and dollars at the Freedom Tower construction site in NYC and we introduce our new GSA contract that will save time and money for our customers in the federal government.

Clivus at the Freedom Tower

Composting Restroom at Freedom Tower NYC
Shipping containers converted to composting restrooms at the site of the Freedom Tower

At most construction sites, the port’o’john is something of an icon, and its unpleasantness is guaranteed. But think what port’o’johns represent on a skyscraper project: not just stench but high cost. The same crane that lifts the steel beams that make up the skyscraper is used to lift the port’o’john up and down. On the highest of towers, that might take an hour—each way. With this in mind, DCM Erectors, which is responsible for the steel frame portion of the new Freedom Tower at 1 World Trade Center Blvd in NYC contacted Clivus Multrum to help design restrooms for its workers that would reduce or eliminate crane-time.

The design uses nine steel ocean containers stacked in groups of three, set side by side. All nine are welded into a single unit. As the structure goes up, so does the group of shipping containers. At the bottom and second levels are four large Clivus composters. The second and third levels contain the toilet fixtures urinals, and sinks.

At most construction sites, the port’o’john is something of an icon, and its unpleasantness is guaranteed.

The Foam-flush toilet fixture is uniquely suited for this project, since the layout constraints make a very tight fit. In all, ten Foam-flush fixtures and eight urinals will serve the approximately 150 person crew (two fixtures are designated for the small number of women who may either work at or visit the site). Sinks are also provided for hand-washing.

The ability of the compost toilet to greatly reduce the volume of feces gives Clivus full confidence that there will be no need to remove dry material from the systems before the steel phase of the project is completed in three years. The compost liquid and the water from the sinks will be greatly concentrated by an evaporative system. This concentrated solution will only rarely need to be brought down for disposal. Clivus will maintain the systems throughout the project.

In addition to the bathroom, the same shipping container configuration will house a Subway restaurant for breakfast and lunch operations. Making available to workers a sky high eating place will save the time it takes to get up and down the structure, which grows significantly as the building rises. Clivus is providing two compost systems for food waste from the restaurant operation in order, again, to reduce the need to crane down ‘waste’ material. Also, liquid from the restaurant will be concentrated by a second evaporator system.

The benefits of this project include not only saved crane and person-transport time, but also a decrease in energy cost and pollution, since the crane will make fewer trips. The benefits to the workers are not slight either, which anyone who has used a port’o’john well knows. And, finally, we’re sure to find eager recipients for the composted food scraps, perhaps as near by as Battery Park.


In order to provide an abundance of worms for all the composting tanks at the Freedom Tower project, last October Clivus Multrum converted the bases of two M54 systems into giant vermicomposting bins. Two cups of worms and compost were harvested from the oldest Clivus Multrum composter in the US. Food scraps from a local restaurant serve as worm food. Today about 300 gallons of worms populate the tanks.

This project is providing valuable worms to Clivus systems from New York to Kansas City, reducing waste sent to the landfill, creating fertilizer and when the heat of summer returns it might even reduce the smell from a certain local dumpster.

Trailhead Series on GSA!

Clivus Multrum 2-stall Trailhead
A 2-stall Trailhead purchased under GSA contract by the Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District.

The M54 Trailhead Series is now available on Any area managed by the federal government serves to benefit from Clivus Multrum’s recently acquired contract with the Government Services Administration. The contract makes the M54 Trailhead Series easily available at a discount to our federal government customers. GSA Advantage makes the purchasing process easy for any authorized federal government employee to purchase a Trailhead system with the click of a button.

Clivus Multrum looks forward to working with the federal government wherever their needs may be.


The M54 Trailhead Series is especially suited to remote locations and to any place where sewer and water are not available. The Trailhead is a composting toilet system that accommodates 22,000 uses per year, complete with an ADA compliant restroom building. The building is available either pre-fabricated or as a kit. Solar systems and a variety of custom external finishes are also available.

The first Trailheads sold under the new GSA contract shipped out in December. The Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh district had a number of restroom needs at four different locations. Two single stall Trailheads and two double stall Trailheads were pre-fabricated and painted to blend with their respective destinations. The whole process was completed in 6 weeks.

Clivus Multrum looks forward to working with the federal government wherever their needs may be. Please inform local national park, national forest or other federally managed recreation area that the most environmentally friendly restroom solution in America is now easy to acquire via GSAAdvantage! is Brand New!

New Website about Composting Toilets
The new look of

Clivus Multrum, Inc. announces the launch of its new website at The new site has a fresh new look and feel as well as new content.

Find information about the design process for a composting system, the science behind composting & greywater, and learn about how composting toilets can impact the environment.

The new project gallery features Clivus projects across North America and the Carribean. Check out What’s New and see where Clivus Multrum will be presenting and where the latest systems are being installed!

Explore our new site and let us know what you think!

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