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July 2018 Issue
Natural Solution News highlights the popularity and practicality of Clivus composting toilet systems at two rest areas in New York and introduces new standard finishes for the M54 Trailhead. The failing waste treatment systems at Whitney Point and Broome Gateway rest areas in New York State were replaced with M35 composting toilet systems utilizing Foam-flush toilets after engineers explored options and visited the Bronx Zoo Eco-Restroom. To make choosing your M54 even simpler, Clivus Multrum introduces four standard versions of our popular self-contained restrooms: Stockbridge, Ipswich, Rockport, and Essex.
NYDOT goes Clivus>>
Clivus Introduces Four M54 Trailhead Styles>>

April 2017 Issue
This season’s Natural Solution News highlights a few of the golf courses in the Philadelphia area that have installed the M54W Trailhead as well as an historic train depot turned museum, which now has a Clivus system with Foam-flush toilets. After visiting the Philadelphia Cricket Club and seeing their M54W Trailhead, superintendents from Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, Old York Road Country Club, and St Davids Golf Club installed their own to meet their various on-course restroom needs. Hopewell Depot is an historic train depot that has been turned into a museum by a dedicated group of volunteers. A rail-trail runs near the museum so the organization installed an M35 composting toilet with Foam-flush toilets to provide facilities for museum and rail-trail visitors.
For PA Golf Clubs, M54 Trailhead is a Hole-in-one>>
Hopewell Depot Adds a Clivus>>

April 2015 Issue
This season’s Natural Solution News shows off the diversity of Clivus compost toilet applications. First, we visit Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s new Brock Environmental Center, built to achieve both LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge certifications. Next, we feature the Clivus M54 Trailhead composting toilet system at Moss Island Park in Little Falls, NY. The M54 Trailhead is a composter and building package designed especially for remote locations. Together, these projects demonstrate the flexibility of Clivus compost toilet systems.
Chesapeake Bay Foundation Continues Tradition of Building with the Bay in Mind>>
A Turnkey Solution for Moss Island Park>>

March 2014 Issue
This issue of the Natural Solution News features two recent projects. LSC Design, a Pennsylvania-based architecture and design firm, installed two Clivus M35 composting toilet systems in its urban office, which also serves as a demonstration project for clients. In Florida, the Lee County Parks department has found that Clivus systems work well in many of their parks that are not located near water or electric utilities.
LSC Design: Walking the Talk>>
Lee County Finds the Solution>>

July 2013 Issue
This issue of the Natural Solution News features two recent projects. The Stroud Water Research Center, a leader in fresh water research and education, installed two M18 composting toilet systems in its LEED® Platinum Moorhead Environmental Complex. The Presidio Trust utilized the M54 Double Trailhead to provide visitors, volunteers and staff with a restroom at the El Polín site.
Stroud Center’s LEED® Platinum Building Includes Clivus>>
Conserving Precious Resources at the Presidio>>

February 2013 Issue
This issue of the Natural Solution News features two recent projects. Wilson College’s Fulton Center for Sustainable Living installed a Clivus M54 Trailhead in order to meet the needs of the students and community members who enjoy the farm, trails and educational programs that the Center offers. Cortland Station is a busy train station that serves commuters traveling into New York City, and a recent renovation included the addition of a Clivus composting toilet system.
Farming Without Waste at Fulton>>
Train Project Stays on Track>>

January 2012 Issue
This issue of the Natural Solution News explores the use of Clivus composting systems in Canadian installations. Camp Tanamakoon has been teaching girls about the environment since 1925 and installed the first of thirteen Clivus systems about 20 years ago. In Eastern Canada, the Clivus Trailhead has been a success with park visitors and staff alike.
Camp Tanamakoon Shows the Way >>
Clivus Trailhead is a Hit >>

March 2011 Issue
In this issue of the Natural Solution News we cover two very different Clivus Multrum installations. M54 Trailheads enhance the experience at Hershey Links Golf Course in central Pennsylvania and composting toilet and greywater systems help to achieve one of the first Living Building certifications at Washington University in Saint Louis.
A Sweeter Golfing Experience >>
The Living Building, Eliminating Waste >>

May 2010 Issue
Welcome to the new look of the Natural Solution News. In this issue of the Natural Solution News we discuss the composting toilets that are saving water and dollars at the Freedom Tower construction site in NYC and we introduce our new GSA contract that will save time and money for our customers in the federal government.
Clivus at the Freedom Tower >>
Trailhead Series on GSA! >>

October 2009 Issue
In this issue of the Natural Solution News we explore two very different stories of groups using composting toilets to meet their needs. At the Mohican School in central Ohio they’ve been teaching and conserving with composting toilets for more than a decade. At Ft. Bliss in Texas the Army is saving money and resources by turning to composting toilets on training ranges.
Conservation in the Out-of-Doors >>
Eliminating Chemical Toilets at Ft. Bliss >>

April 2009 Issue
Education plays an integral role in sustainability. With greater knowledge of our environment and awareness of the impacts of our actions we can begin to live more lightly, with the future in mind. In this issue of Natural Solution News we have two stories where Clivus Multrum composting toilet systems are being used as teaching tools to promote conservation, green building, and sustainable ideas.
Going Waterless at the University of Georgia >>
Living Lightly in Ontario >>

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